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We take immense pride in providing roofing services across the vast expanse of the Greater Toronto Area.

For over four decades, our commitment to delivering exceptional roofing solutions with a genuine passion for serving our local community has been unwavering. Being a Canadian company, our extensive 41 years of experience in the roofing industry speaks volumes, consistently exceeding expectations and ensuring the utmost customer satisfaction. Our approach encompasses several critical elements, including the provision of top-tier roofing solutions and the careful selection of the finest materials customized to meet the unique requirements of your project.

Our Journey

Mansfield Roofing embarked on its journey in 1982, commencing operations and providing roofing services to the Southern Ontario region over four decades ago. As the demand for roofing services surged, we quickly expanded our company’s focus to include commercial and industrial roofing projects. Over the course of our 41-year history, we have successfully completed a multitude of roofing projects within our service area, establishing an impressive track record of excellence.

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A roofing firm that genuinely values its customers and delivers outstanding roofing solutions in Ontario.

Why Choose Mansfield Roofing 1982

Reason For Choosing Our Consultancy

Established in 1982, Mansfield Roofing made its foray into the roofing industry and began offering top-quality roofing services to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) more than four decades ago. Since then, we have remained unwavering in our commitment to the GTA community, steadily building a name for ourselves and a solid reputation in the roofing business for the past 41 years.

Our journey has been one of continual growth and expertise development, all focused on serving the diverse needs of the Greater Toronto Area. We take pride in being a trusted partner for all things roofing, providing our clients with the highest level of dedication and professionalism in the industry. Our 41 years of experience stand as a testament to our enduring commitment to the GTA, and we look forward to many more years of exceptional service in this vibrant and dynamic region.

Expertise and Innovation
Commitment to Quality
what clients say

Clients always choose us because we're the best!

Brian Thompson – Building Inspector

Mansfield Roofing 1982 exemplifies reliability, offering roofing solutions of the highest caliber. Their team exhibits expertise, proficiency, and an unwavering commitment to customer contentment. I am genuinely impressed by their professionalism and the enduring quality of the roof they installed.

Brian Thompson – Building Inspector

Sarah Johnson – Real Estate Agent

Opting for Mansfield 1982 proved to be the ultimate choice for my roofing endeavor. Their proficiency and meticulousness were evident at every stage. Employing the finest materials, the end outcome surpassed all my expectations.

Sarah Johnson – Real Estate Agent

Daniel Wilson – General Contractor

My gratification knows no bounds with the roofing solutions offered by Mansfield Roofing 1982. They prove to be a dependable and adept organization, surpassing my anticipations. The excellence of their craftsmanship and materials employed was truly remarkable.

Daniel Wilson – General Contractor


Professional And Dedicated Roofing Solutions.

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